Are you a skateboarder with a passion for recording all the tricks you perform? From a full-length video recording to a short clip to post on your social media, you might want to have a nice edit that showcases your talent. 

Even if you intend to film other skateboarders performing stunts, it would require the same level of skills and top-notch skateboarding cameras. But how do you find the best camera for filming skateboarding? 

What do you need to look for in a camera before spending your money on buying it? With all these questions on top of a huge variety of action cameras available in the market, it is natural for you to feel confused at the idea of choosing one. 

Well, to make the task of choosing the best skateboarding camera hassle-free, I have come up with this list of the 7 best skateboarding cameras which you can rely upon without any second thoughts. 

7 Best Skateboarding Cameras

1. Insta360 ONE RS 4K Edition Action Camera

The first one on the list of the best skateboarding cameras is the Insta360 ONE RS 4K Edition Action Camera, which is a rugged and waterproof camera featuring a versatile interchangeable lens design. 

This means that you will be able to upgrade this action camera whenever you want by getting an additional lens. What makes it one of the best skateboarding cameras is its brand-new image sensor which enables you to take stunning 4K action videos

From capturing moments in better lighting and colors to enjoying the benefits of the HDR video mode for action sports, you are sure to experience great results with this camera. Although a few buyers find the sound quality of this camera inferior, its image quality is excellent. 

You can get buttery smooth shots with FlowState stabilization. A lot of action cameras tend to miss out on the details in the shadows and highlights. However, the Insta360 ONE RS 4K Edition Action Camera makes sure to reveal all these details and keep your video stabilized while moving with active HDR

Even if you tilt this action camera while capturing photographs, its 360° horizon leveling makes sure to deliver perfectly level shots. While looking for the best skateboarding camera, it is essential to prioritize editing and AI-powered features. 

With the Insta360 app, you can effortlessly edit shots using this app’s powerful editing suite and features. If you wish to shoot ultra-detailed 6K footage, you can do it easily with the 6K widescreen of this action camera and wide-angle lens. 

Furthermore, the long battery life of this skateboarding camera only makes it more reliable. The instant zoom feature of the Insta360 ONE RS 4K Edition Action Camera allows you to digitally zoom in on a subject up to 2.7x while recording

10Expert Score
Active HDR and 360° Horizon Leveling
  • Ultra-versatile lens design
  • Buttery smooth image stabilization
  • Rugged and waterproof design
  • Ultra-detailed 6K footage
  • Long battery life 
  • Wind noise reduction algorithm 
  • Poor sound quality 
  • Bluetooth cannot be connected to android devices 

2. GoPro HERO11 Action Camera

With a new revolutionary image sensor offering an expansive field of view, the GoPro HERO11 Action Camera has managed to make it to the list of the best skateboarding cameras. This action camera is like an extra-large canvas to boost your creativity. 

Without compromising on the sharpness of your footage and its rich textures, the GoPro HERO11 Action Camera allows you to zoom in, switch between digital lenses, adjust aspect ratios, and crop your shots effortlessly. 

While searching for the best skateboarding camera, the image quality is the first thing that tends to impress us. With 5.3K video and crisp details, you can be assured of an unbelievable cinematic image quality and video quality, which makes it one of the best cameras.

What makes your pictures and videos much more stunning is the water-repelling lens cover of this action camera, which is responsible for eliminating lens flare. The resolution of your pictures will be boosted up to 27MP with GoPro HERO11 Action Camera’s new image sensor. 

However, this video camera does not perform so well in low light conditions and tends to overheat quickly. Nevertheless, you can expect enhanced camera performance in cold temperatures with the long-lasting enduro battery of this action camera. 

The GoPro HERO11 Action Camera is ultra-durable and waterproof to give the best results and performance. With HyperSmooth 5.0, you will enjoy in-camera video stabilization and smooth footage regardless of how rough it might be. Furthermore, you can be assured of the widest shots as this action camera is quick to find out the level of required video stabilization on the basis of your movement and speed. 

Apart from all these attractive features, the GoPro HERO11 Action Camera also features a built-in horizon lock to keep your horizon at the level in case you tilt this camera while recording. Keeping your horizon consistent and steady is an easy task with this built-in horizon lock when you rotate your action camera a full 360°. 

9.5Expert Score
HyperSmooth 5.0 and Intelligent Video Stabilization
  • Unbelievable image quality
  • Long-lasting enduro battery
  • Ultra durable and waterproof 
  • In-camera video stabilization
  • Built-in horizon lock
  • All-new hyperview
  • Susceptible to overheating
  • Not good for low-light conditions 

3. DJI Osmo Action 3 Outdoor Action Camera

If you wish to experience true-to-life colors and optimum image quality, the DJI Osmo Action 3 Outdoor Action Camera is just for you. Even when you dive deep below the surface of water or in other complex lighting conditions, you can expect this action camera to ensure highly accurate colors with its color sensor temperature. 

The DJI Osmo Action 3 Outdoor Action Camera features a quick-release design that enables vertical shooting and impact resistance coupled with a strong magnetic force. Even if you go through bumps and rotations, your footage will remain horizontal with the help of the smart stabilization feature that eliminates camera shake. 

To make all your dynamic and special moments retain their natural look and appear clear and smooth, this action camera features a super-wide distortion-free FOV and external microphone. When looking for the best skateboarding camera, the battery life can influence your choices to a great extent. 

With the DJI Osmo Action 3 Outdoor Action Camera, you can capture all your adventures on a single charge. You don’t have to worry about your camera’s battery, as the limits of its battery capacity have been pushed to let you use it for more than 2.5 hours. Although the low light performance of this action camera is relatively disappointing, this waterproof and cold-resistant camera offers excellent image quality and has the ability to support fast-charge technology. 

Within just 18 minutes of charging, you can supply it the power up to 80%, which gives you about 2 hours of use. Apart from being waterproof, the DJI Osmo Action 3 Outdoor Action Camera is also wear-resistant and scratch-resistant due to the high-strength gorilla glass it utilizes for its front and rear screen. 

Furthermore, the front screen of this action camera, which is excellent for vlogging and selfies, offers easy touchscreen control functions, making it one of the best video cameras. 

9.5Expert Score
Smart Stabilization and Impact Resistance
  • Quick release design
  • Fast-charge technology 
  • Comprehensive stabilization system 
  • Extended battery life
  • High-strength gorilla glass for wear resistance 
  • Chip-level HDR technology 
  • Low light performance is disappointing
  • Poor external mic adapter

4. Insta360 ONE X2 Action Camera

With the Insta360 ONE X2 Action Camera, you will be all set to take incredibly smooth shots and steady footage. What makes it one of the best skateboarding cameras is the 360 creative freedom it offers, along with breathtaking image quality from a vivid color profile. You can shoot in every direction before deciding on your favorite angle. 

If you wish to have traditional wide-angle action cam shots along with horizon leveling, you will find the steady cam mode of this action camera quite impressive. With this Insta360 ONE X2 Action Camera, you don’t even need a drone to get a floating camera effect. 

You can easily have the selfie stick become invisible and disappear in your edit. You can easily edit your shots and footage in the phone app to make an ultra-slow-mo clip or speed it up with the help of hyper-lapse. 

The Insta360 app offers various preset editing templates and AI editing. However, a few buyers find it frustrating to activate the app. Nevertheless, the rugged body of the Insta360 ONE X2 Action Camera is waterproof and has the ability to deliver great underwater shots by auto-balancing the colors. 

PureShot works to enhance the dynamic range of your low-light pictures, reduce noise, and preserves details. While looking for the best skateboarding camera, it is essential to have live stream facilities along with a webcam. 

The Insta360 ONE X2 Action Camera allows you to go live and use the webcam mode in any conferencing platform. It also features an ultra-bright touchscreen to preview your shots. The Insta360 ONE X2 Action Camera also features a smart wind-reduction algorithm to only give you the audio you want. 

9Expert Score
360 Creative Freedom and Breathtaking Image Quality
  • Ultra-bright touch screen
  • Incredibly smooth shots
  • Ultra-steady action cam
  • Waterproof, rugged body
  • Invisible selfie stick 
  • Wind-reduction algorithm 
  • Susceptible to overheating
  • App activation is frustrating 

5. GoPro HERO8 Digital Action Camera

The GoPro HERO8 Digital Action Camera is one of the most versatile and unshakeable GoPro cameras you can get. With a streamlined design that boosts its ability to be more pocketable, it has managed to make it to the list of the best skateboarding cameras. 

It features built-in folding fingers that reduce the time of swapping mounts to seconds. The HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization it offers lets you get jaw-dropping slow-mo videos and the widest views you want, along with high-quality video resolution. Charging batteries is an effortless process with the new slide door of this action camera. 

Furthermore, the lens of this camera is much more impact resistant. The GoPro HERO8 Digital Action Camera offers three levels of stabilization to let you pick the most suitable one. Even while moving, this skateboard camera has the ability to capture stabilized time-lapse videos

With TimeWarp 2.0, you can have automatically-adjusted speed on the basis of motion, lighting, and scene detection. Even in low-light conditions, the improved HDR of this action camera will let you have pictures with minimized blur and more details. 

With the GoPro HERO8 Digital Action Camera, you can also shoot amazing time-lapse videos and shots at night in 4K. The best part about this skateboarding camera is that it lets you live stream in 1080p

The advanced wind-noise reduction technology filters out wind noise with improved algorithms. It offers a rugged and waterproof body along with voice control with 14 voice commands to let you go hands-free. 

With this camera, you are sure to get crisp and stunning 4K videos, just like the moments. However, a few buyers complain about the difficulty in transferring these videos. Despite that, the GoPro HERO8 Digital Action Camera is all worth it for the amazing video resolutions and impressive frame rates it offers. 

9Expert Score
Crisp 4K Videos and Impressive Frame Rates
  • Streamlined and pocketable design
  • Built-in folding fingers
  • Excellent image quality 
  • In-app horizon leveling 
  • Advanced wind-noise reduction
  • Rugged and waterproof body
  • Eco-friendly e-commerce packaging
  • Tends to overheat
  • Difficult to transfer videos

6. GoPro HERO9 Action Camera

The next one on the list of the best skateboarding cameras is the GoPro HERO9 Action Camera, which is one of the most versatile skateboarding cameras you can get your hands on. With this action camera, you can shoot stunning videos up to 5K resolution and maintain the intricate details of your pictures even while zooming in. 

The GoPro HERO9 Action Camera is capable of capturing crisp and pro-quality pictures with 20MP clarity, as it can automatically pick the best image processing for you. It features a large rear touch screen with touch zoom and a dazzling front display with intuitive camera controls and easy framing. 

Apart from all these features, the GoPro HERO9 Action Camera also comes with a rechargeable battery, USB-C cable, a thumb screw, and a curved adhesive mount. The HyperSmooth 3.0 allows you to experience ultimate smoothness and enjoy the benefits of advanced video stabilization. 

Even while live streaming in 1080p, you will get hypersmooth stabilization. Although the picture quality delivered by this action camera is breathtaking, its low light performance is not that satisfactory, as per a few buyers. 

Furthermore, this skateboarding camera takes slightly longer for the photos to process, which can be frustrating if you wish to take multiple photos in a row. Despite this, the GoPro HERO9 Action Camera allows you to record mesmerizing time-lapse scenes while moving with timewarp 3.0. 

Its rugged and waterproof body is tough and capable enough to shoot and deliver results even in the gnarliest conditions. Furthermore, this groundbreaking action camera sports a 23.6MP sensor that ensures more resolutions and pixels. 

8.5Expert Score
Intuitive Touchscreen and Controls
  • Crisp and pro-quality pictures 
  • Intuitive camera controls 
  • 5K resolution 
  • Ultimate smoothness with hypersmooth 3.0
  • Rugged and waterproof
  • Mesmerizing time-lapse scenes 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Low-light performance is not great
  • It takes a long for photos to process 

7. DJI Action 2 Power Action Camera 

The last one on the list of the best skateboarding cameras is the DJI Action 2 Power Action Camera, which features an innovative magnetic design to help you switch out accessories as you capture pictures. 

With this action camera, you are all set to free your hands and record life from your perspective to share it with the world. When looking for the best skateboarding camera, we often neglect the importance of portability and overemphasize other features. 

The best part about the DJI Action 2 Power Action Camera is its ability to strike a balance between both. It not just clicks breathtaking pictures for you but also allows you to carry it effortlessly, considering how compact its design is. You can easily carry this lightweight camera around on your chest or head with its magnetic band. 

This skateboarding camera has been designed to open doors of creativity for you and allow you to film your adventure in an innovative way. The benefits that come with this action camera are endless, but one thing to consider before you make your final call is the tendency of this camera to overheat

A few buyers are also not satisfied with the battery life it offers. If we put these limitations aside, the DJI Action 2 Power Action Camera is an excellent option that speaks for itself. It allows you to record stunning and smooth high-resolution 4K videos that possess rich details. 

Its ultra-wide FOV allows you to capture your surroundings more effectively and get better results. Furthermore, the DJI Mimo app makes use of its AI editor for selecting and putting together your special moments with transitions and upbeat music. 

Even when it comes to your aquatic adventures, the DJI Action 2 Power Action Camera does an excellent job of capturing them. It is not just robust and tough but also waterproof when you pair it with its waterproof case. 

8.5Expert Score
AI Editing and DJI Mimo App
  • Innovative magnetic design
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight 
  • Ultra-wide FOV
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Excellent image quality
  • High-quality videos
  • Tends to overheat
  • Poor battery life


If you’ve had the opinion that getting a new skateboarding camera means breaking the bank, I hope this guide made you think otherwise. The amazing action cameras included in this article are not just equipped with top-tier specifications but are also quite affordable

Despite that, it can get really challenging to pick just one camera out of all these amazing ones offering exceptional image quality. It is true that you cannot get the perfect skateboarding with no downsides. But the good thing is that you don’t need to have one. While filming skateboarding videos and capturing high-quality pictures, skateboarding tricks will have the utmost importance. 

But if I have to choose a camera that is superior to every other skateboarding camera, I will definitely go for the DJI Osmo Action 3 Outdoor Action Camera for its comprehensive stabilization system and chip-level HDR technology. By offering a quick-release design and extended battery life coupled with fast charge technology, it is well-deserving for the title of the best skateboarding camera.