With an affordable price tag and a variety of features, the popularity of canon cameras has only increased. If you have decided to buy a new canon camera, you might have a number of questions in mind. 

One of the most crucial things to focus on is battery life. It is evident that you will want enough power to capture things without being concerned about your device unexpectedly shutting down. 

So how long does a canon battery last per charge? The battery life of your camera is the most important aspect, so it is natural for you to wonder how often you will have to charge your canon camera. That being said, let’s dive into a little more detail and learn more about canon camera batteries

How long does a canon battery last?

How long your canon camera battery will last depends upon the way you use your camera. If you use the camera continuously without intervals, your canon battery is expected to last 3 to 4 hours

This means that you can take roughly 850 photos with a decent camera battery when your camera is fully charged. On the other hand, if you take intervals while using your canon camera instead of continuous use, its battery is expected to last for about 8 to 10 hours

canon camera battery 

How long does a Canon battery take to charge

With different types of canon cameras, you also get to have different types of professional camera batteries. On the basis of these differences and the battery model, the charging speed and duration are likely to vary to a certain extent. 

However, in general, you can expect your canon camera to take 2-3 hours to fully charge. This time can also fluctuate on the basis of your room’s temperature, as the camera takes longer to charge in cool temperatures. For faster charging, the best temperature would be 23°C or 73°F

Tips to Make Canon Battery Last Longer

1. Disable image stabilization 

The first tip to make the canon battery last longer would be to turn off your camera’s stabilization because your canon camera can waste electricity on image stabilization. Since your lenses consume lots of power, it will be best to save battery by temporarily disabling the image stabilization. 

2. Turn off all sensor cleaning 

Switching off sensor cleaning can prove to be very beneficial for enhancing the battery life of your canon camera. By simply disabling this setting, you can save battery power, even if it is little. Furthermore, your sensor will not get dirty immediately after this. 

3. Disable all the wireless connections

A lot of features like GPS, wifi, and Bluetooth, among others, are getting popular and quite common in cameras, including that of canon. If you wish to save your canon camera’s battery, consider disabling and turning off all the wireless connections. You can manually switch these connections off to save battery.  

4. Turn off LCD playback

Surprisingly, you can save the battery of your canon camera by simply turning off your LCD screen or image review. This setting is most useful when you are in a hurry, but it can help you improve the lifespan of a canon battery as well. 

By disabling this feature, you can make most professional camera batteries last longer. If you do not wish to completely turn this feature off, you can set it for a shorter time, like 2 or 3 seconds, as it will still save some battery. 

5. Avoid deleting pictures on the device

It is important to delete pictures for better battery life expectancy, but doing it on your device can drain the battery of your camera quickly. This tip is quite important if you wish to minimize unnecessary battery consumption. 

Since you can always delete unneeded pictures later on your PC, there is no need to delete them from your camera as it can consume battery. However, if you come across a memory shortage, you can opt for deleting the pictures from your device itself. Furthermore, you can delete your pictures on a PC, but I would not suggest you format your SD card over there. 

6. Regularly replace old batteries

Over time and constant use, rechargeable batteries tend to lose power, making it essential for you to invest in another battery for replacement. It would not be practical to rely on old batteries hoping to charge one while you use another. To save your canon camera’s battery life by improving its life expectancy and to continue clicking pictures for a long time, it is essential to regularly replace old batteries. 

7. Minimize the use of in-built flash

In-built flash is known for draining the maximum camera battery if used recklessly and unnecessarily. There are various situations where we tend to use flash for clicking pictures, even though it’s unnecessary and not needed. 

Frequent and reckless use of in-built flash can result in the wastage of battery. If you wish to extend the lifespan of your canon battery, make sure to minimize the use of in-built flash and only insist on using it when it is absolutely necessary. 

Since there are a few situations where you cannot capture photos without a flash, it is not possible to completely stop the use of an in-built flash. 

8. Avoid overheating 

Extreme temperatures are known for negativity affecting your canon camera’s battery life. Whether it’s extreme cold conditions or extreme heat, such temperatures are harmful to battery life. 

No matter where you store your batteries, the place should not exceed the temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very important to keep your batteries away from microwaves and other equipment that can lead to overheating

Even if you leave your batteries in a car on cold winter nights or hot summer days, the life expectancy of your canon battery can witness a drastic fall. 


Hopefully, this guide must have answered all your queries related to the canon camera battery. Although the time can vary as per the way you use your device, you can expect your canon camera battery to last for approximately 3-4 hours on a single charge if you continuously use it. 

However, you can improve your canon battery’s lifespan and enhance its battery life by following a few crucial tips. From turning off LCD playback to disabling all the wireless connections, there are a few things you can do to make canon battery last longer