Blink cameras are excellent for home security, but what does their flashing green light indicate? I remember randomly checking out my blink security camera and noticing a flashing green light for no reason.

Well, it didn’t take me long to find out that a blink camera flashing green is a very common issue that can easily be fixed. So if you too are wondering why the built-in LED of your blink camera is flashing green, keep reading this guide, and you will be able to fix this issue in no time.

Why is my blink camera flashing green?

When your blink camera starts showing a flash green light, it can get very inconvenient. Before we get to the ways of fixing this, it is essential to understand the reasons behind it. So why is your blink camera blinking green light? There can be a few causes behind your blink camera flashing green, and they have been listed below.

1. Startup error

There is a possibility that your blink camera is just starting after you have plugged it in. in the beginning, your camera flashes a green light for some time. But if this green light continues to be there for a long while, there could be a startup error. If you face something like that, you can restart the device by unplugging it and then powering it up after 20 to 30 seconds.

2. Weak wifi signal

Another cause behind your blink camera flashing green light could be a weak or unstable wifi connection. Since blink cameras work great with a stable wifi connection or a solid network, a weak network signal could result in your blink camera flashing green.

3. Failed connection

You might notice a green light even after setting up your blink camera. When this happens, there could be a possibility of failed wifi connection. Your internet connection might be down, and there could be issues with your internet provider.

4. Blink server issues

If the blink servers are down because of an outage or there is some issue with the blink data servers, your blink camera can flash a green light. If all the other factors are not behind your camera flashing green, this outage problem could most likely be the only reason.

How can I fix the flashing green light?

Whether you own an indoor blink camera, an outdoor-ready blink XT2, or a tiny blink money, it is quite simple to fix the flashing green light coming from them. If you have identified the cause behind the green light, the entire process would be much quicker.

Nevertheless, you can also try a few methods until your issue gets resolved. The methods for fixing your blink camera’s flashing green light are listed below:

1. Fix the blink server issues

As discussed before, a potential reason behind your blink camera flashing a green light could be an outage or some issue with the blink server. You might face some problems while trying to log in to your blink account.

To check if this is happening because of blink server issues, go to your blink app and try to log into it. If you are unable to do so, you can just wait for blink servers to get back and try to log in again, as sometimes, blink servers need a short break.

Fixing blink server issues

2. Quick reboot

If the culprit behind your blink camera flashing green is your internet connection, you might be able to fix this issue with a very quick reboot of your internet router. By unplugging your internet router for a second and plugging it back in no time, you can reboot it effortlessly.

This quick trick of rebooting your internet router tends to work most of the time. Once your internet is connected and running smoothly, all the issues will be fixed.

3. Move the router closer to the camera

If the issue still persists and your blink camera continues to flash green light, you can try moving the internet router closer to your blink camera or blink sync module. This is because a wireless internet connection might have excellent connectivity and work properly at a particular location but not at some other place.

The reason behind your blink camera flashing a green light could be the device router being far away from the camera. If you move your blink camera closer to the router or sync module, you might be able to fix the issue effortlessly.

Moving router closer to the camera for fix flashing green light issue

4. Power cycle

If moving the router or sync module closer to your blink camera does not work, you can also try to power cycle your blink camera. Simply take the batteries out of your camera and put them in again. After that, you can just wait for 30 seconds as it will reboot.

taking out batteries from camera and putting them again

5. Reconfigure your blink camera

You can also try reconfiguring your blink camera inside the app. To do this, you will have to delete your blink camera from the app and add it again. Start by opening the blink camera and tap on the icon of settings which you will find in the top right corner of your blink camera’s display image. Once you click on it, scroll down and tap on the red-colored button. Now, simply add your blink camera back again.

Reconfiguring blink camera

6. Blink support

Hopefully, you should be able to fix the issue by now. But if the problem of green light continues to persist even after all these methods, try contacting blink support and reach out to them. They might be able to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Why does my blink camera have a red light?

Now that you know why your blink camera flashes a green light and how you can fix it, you might also occasionally come across a red light and wonder what it indicates. Well, just like the blinking green light, the right light is also a common occurrence.

In fact, blink cameras use LED indicators to give status updates on what’s happening. If you own a blink mini camera, the red light could simply be an indication of the internet not being connected to the camera.

You can try unplugging and plugging the camera again. When your camera is trying to reconnect to the network, it will flash a solid green light. Once it has connected successfully, you will not spot any LED indicators.

However, reconnecting to the internet might still not resolve the problem of the red light. If it does not work for you, try resetting your blink camera by tapping on the reset button with a thin and sharp object.

You can possibly use a pin, SIM ejector tool, or a thumbtack. With this, your blink camera will try reconnecting to the internet, and you will get rid of the red LED light. This red light can also appear on an outdoor blink camera with no wifi network.

To fix this problem, you might resort to removing the batteries and reinserting them later, resetting the camera wifi, or reconfiguring the blink camera by deleting it and adding it again to the system.


It is very common for blink cameras to flash green light, and there could be different causes behind it. An unstable wifi signalstartup errorfailed connection, or other blink server issues can result in your camera flashing green.

However, the good part is that it can easily be fixed by any of the methods listed in this guide. You might have to try and implement a few methods, but you should be able to resolve the issue in the end.

By fixing blink server issues, rebooting your internet router, reconfiguring your blink camera, or just moving the internet router closer to the camera, you can resolve the issue of the green light. If nothing works, you always have the option of reaching out to blink support and seeking their help.