Are your pictures too bright due to the flash of your canon camera? If you are a novice with very little experience in handling a canon camera, you might have trouble controlling the flash.

At places where you are not allowed to use flash photography, you will have no other choice than to turn the flash off. But how to turn off flash on canon camera? With so many camera models, you may find it tricky to identify the right procedure for disabling the flash on your canon camera, which is why I have created this guide for you with three different methods. 

Having used a canon camera, I’m well-worn with its features and settings. So to have sufficient control over your camera’s flash and activate it only when you need, continue reading this guide.

How to turn off flash on canon camera?

1. Use exposure modes

The term “exposure modes” usually seems complicated to those with minimal experience in photography. If you are a beginner, you are likely to know about the auto mode, which is quite distinctive considering the fact that it’s the only exposure mode that comes with a green-colored icon.

Exposure modes are not as difficult to understand as you might have thought. To switch between different modes and change options, all you have to do is rotate the dial located near your canon camera’s power button.

The icon of auto mode is quite visible because of its green color since all the other icons are white in color. Furthermore, with the letter A and a plus sign, you will be able to identify this mode easily.

Enabling this mode will give your canon camera the power to decide when to use flash. So whenever your camera feels that there is a need to use flash to make a picture look good, it will use it even if you do not want it.

So how do you instruct your canon camera to only use flash when you want it? Fortunately, there is an easy way to do it while you continue to use the automatic mode. Right next to the button of automatic mode, you will notice an icon with a lightning bolt symbol that has been crossed out.

This button is called “no flash” mode. You just have to switch to this option by rotating the dial of your camera in a clockwise direction. By enabling the ‘no flash’ mode, you will not have to worry about getting pictures with flash as you will be able to turn off the flash easily and control it as per your will.

Rotate the dial of Canon camera and enable "no flash" mode

2. Disable manually

The fact that the in-built flash of your canon camera does not remain raised at all times is quite noticeable. While clicking pictures and using your canon camera, you might have noticed that this in-built flash is designed in a way that it can be folded down when you don’t need it.

Furthermore, folding the flash also makes it easier for you to store your camera. This in-built flash will only pop up and appear before you if you tap on the option of flash. This front-facing flash button will be found on the front of your canon camera.

So whenever you press this button or capture a picture in auto mode with flash, this in-built flash will pop up. But if you are just using the creative zones mode like aperture priority, manual exposure, or program AE, this built-in flash would not appear on its own. Using one of these camera modes with the in-built flash closed, the flash would not pop up on its own, no matter how the lighting conditions are.

These modes, such as manual exposure, aperture priority, and others, are used by intermediate photographers or those with advanced skills. They provide enough control but only with the camera ensuring less assistance for you.

So if you don’t wish to use flash while you click pictures with these modes, you will have to press down the option or button located at the front part of your canon camera.

Disable manually flash mode of your Canon camera

3. Use the menu

No matter what exposure mode you select before clicking pictures, you can use your camera’s menu to turn off the flash. Just go to the menu and click on the option of flash control. In that particular section of the menu, you will stumble upon another option with the label ‘flash firing,’ which you can turn on or off. If you turn this option off, your pictures will be clicked without flash, even if you choose to select the auto mode.

use Canon camera's menu to turn off the flash

In some canon cameras, the process of disabling flash through the menu is much easier and simple. All you have to do is go to the menu of your camera and click on the flash settings option that appears on your screen.

Disable flash from camera menu


You might find the presence of flash interrupting and inconvenient in a lot of situations when you just wish to have normal pictures. It may also be possible that you are clicking pictures in an area where flash photography is prohibited. In situations like these, you will have to learn how to disable the flash of your canon camera and have the ability to control the flash settings.

Instead of your canon camera controlling when to use flash, you should be able to shift that control to your hands. Hopefully, with this guide and the three simple methods it offers to turn off flash, you will be able to get perfect shots with flash enabled only when you want.